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    The Chipoline Manning Service Company has been enforcing the authentication of quality management system in order to square all management and operations, raise the management standard and meet the rail with the labor service market at home and abroad. In June 1998, the company passed the attestation of ISO9002 and seaman¡¯s labor service rules of Norway Register of Shipping. On the basis of perfecting the original management system, in May 2003, the company passed the attestation of the quality management system (2000 edition of ISO9001) once again. The purpose is to establish a concept of taking resources of clients as foundation, pay attention to the enterprise resources control, and pursue a scientific and standard management in order to provide satisfactory service for clients centering around the safety quality principle of sincerity, excellence, satisfaction and progress. Safety Quality Principle: CLIENT FIRST, SINCERITY and KEEPING WORDS, EXCELLENT QUALITY and HIGH EFFICIENCY, SATISFACTORY SERVICES, SCIETIFIC DECISION, SQUARING MANAGEMENT. Business Objectives: Dispatching seafarers, rate of accuracy: 100%, all kinds of statutory certificates, rate of force: 100%, satisfaction rate of client: higher than 99%, complaint rate of client: lower than 1%. Functional Department: Representative of managers: fully responsible for carrying out and supervising the standard of safety quality management system on behalf of the General Manager. Management Department: the management department of safety quality management system of the company, under the direct leadership of the representative of managers, responsible for the composition, establishment and modification of the safety quality system, assists representative of managers to ensure smooth operation of quality management system of the company.
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